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Mobility rules: Desktop PC on the way out

Test and Measurement companies need to adjust to the new market conditions kicked off by smart
phones and tablets.

Several recent articles, and results from tech titans make it clear that mobility is king. This Reuters
article titled, Aging PC Giants see Writing on the Wall says that, Silicon Valley's old guard is
waking up to the fact that the era of consumer PC may be in its twilight, accelerating the need to
invest and adapt to rapidly changing tastes.

Intel has reduced it's 2011 PC forecast. Microsoft windows sales fell short of expectations. Apple
has showed that many consumers are satisfied with the trade-offs offered by the iPad described as,
"unladen, light and mobile computer." Apple has obliterated all estimates by selling a whopping 9
million of these units.

The article continues, "the desktop, at least for consumers, probably doesn't have a great future,
and the iPad and similar tablets can deliver a lot of the functionality of a laptop," said Tim
Ghriskey, chief investment officer of Solaris Asset Management.

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Introspect Technologies
For Developing, Verifying, and Shipping

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